Function classification of rearview mirror

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The rearview mirror of the car mainly reflects the rear, side and bottom of the car, so that the driver can further see the situation at these positions, thereby expanding the driver's field of vision. The functions of the rearview mirror are classified as follows:

1. Divided by installation position: there are exterior rearview mirrors, lower rearview mirrors and interior rearview mirrors;

2. Divided by use: there are exterior rear-view mirrors, lower rear-view mirrors, and interior rear-view mirrors.

The purpose of the rearview mirror is different, and the mirror structure is also different. There are two main types of rearview mirrors:

One is a flat mirror, which is often used as an interior rear-view mirror, which can get the same image as a general household mirror, and the other is a convex mirror, which has different radii of curvature, and the mirror surface is spherical. . Its image is smaller than visual sight, but the field of view is large. Such convex mirrors are often used as exterior rearview mirrors and lower rearview mirrors.

Finally, the inner rearview mirror has an anti-glare function. When the light of the car behind the car shines on the rearview mirror, the rearview mirror can absorb the strong light, reduce the reflection of the strong light, and prevent the reflected strong light from hitting the driver's eyes. on the eyes to prevent glare. The study found that the effects of glare increased the driver's reaction time by 1.4 seconds. When the car travels at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, the braking distance will be nearly doubled, which is very dangerous for driving, and the anti-dazzle rearview mirror can effectively solve the driver's glare reaction and ensure driving safety. .