Reflectance index of car rearview mirror

2022-01-07 15:09:00 浙江久真汽车部件股份有限公司 Viewd 249

The mirrors have a reflectivity indicator. The higher the reflectivity, the clearer the image reflected on the card surface. The size of the albedo is related to the data of the reflective film on the inner surface of the mirror. The reflective film of automobile rearview mirror is usually made of silver and aluminum, and their minimum albedo is 80%. High albedo will have adverse effects in some places. Similar to driving at night under the illumination of the headlights of the bus in front, the reflection of the interior rearview mirror will make the driver feel dazzled and affect the driving safety.

Therefore, the inner rearview mirror normally adopts a prismatic mirror, although the card surface is also flat, but its cross-sectional shape is prismatic. During the day, a silver or aluminum surface albedo film with an albedo of 80% is used, and at night, a surface glass with an albedo of only 4% is used. To this end, at night, you only need to slightly rotate the interior rearview mirror in the daytime position. There is an internal rearview mirror that automatically changes faces. Its electronic photosensitive detector can automatically distinguish the artificial light from the outside and the applied light source. After the change of direct current, the face-changing information in the mirror is adjusted within a few seconds, from colorless to colored and beyond. Adjust the albedo of the interior rearview mirror to deal with glare.