How to use car rearview mirror heating

2022-01-07 15:08:27 浙江久真汽车部件股份有限公司 Viewd 250

1. The heating function of the car rearview mirror is relatively useful. Especially when it's raining and snowing. This is still useful, especially in rainy and snowy days, such as rainy days, after the rearview mirror is heated and turned on, the water on the rearview mirror will be very little or dry, so that when you look at the vehicle behind you through the rearview mirror When driving, the clarity of your vision is greatly improved, thereby improving the safety of driving! The effect is average when it rains heavily. Light rain or humid conditions still work. Also, after enabling this function, it must be turned off in time, otherwise it will continue to heat.

2. Some cars have a knob on the side door of the driver's seat. This knob is used to adjust the angle of the left and right rearview mirrors. Turn left to adjust the left rearview mirror, and turn right to adjust the right rearview mirror. When the knob is in the middle position, the rearview mirror is heated, and the heating function is automatically turned on, so pay special attention to twisting the knob to the left or right, which can prevent the heating function from being turned on all the time and affecting the service life of the heater. In addition, the outside temperature should be below 20 degrees before starting.

3. In rainy and snowy weather, after pressing the heating switch of the rearview mirror of the car, the indicator light on the button will light up, and the heater will quickly heat up to a fixed temperature within a few minutes. Under the condition of low ambient temperature At the same time, the water droplets on the mirror surface of the rearview mirror will become smaller and smaller due to the heating and evaporation, and the fog will gradually disappear, thereby heating the lens, defogging and defrosting. .

4. Now the technology is more and more advanced, many cars put the rearview mirror heating button and the rear window defrosting and defogging function button on one button, so pressing one button can make the rearview mirror and rear window in heavy rain. The fog has returned to a clean state.

5. If the heating function of the rearview mirror is used too many times and the time of each use exceeds 30 minutes, it will affect the life, clarity and luminosity of the mirror.